What our clients have to say...

“To begin, I have never really been much of a baby person or had a lot of interest in having children of my own. When I met my husband, he is the only reason that I had the courage to even face the possibility of becoming a mother, and that was simply because he would be there to be my partner. The idea of motherhood terrified me. The whole concept of raising a human and not totally screwing them up terrified me. The idea of birth itself terrified me. So going into my first meeting with Carrie I didn't have very high hopes. But it was the best decision I could of ever made for my family. From the very first moment we met I felt at peace and cared for. She was so real and completely understanding. As we moved through our journey together, she encouraged me along the way and never hesitated to answer any and all of my questions, whether they were dumb or paranoid or whatever. She was always patient always genuine and always kind. I felt like I was in the hands of a lifelong friend from the very beginning. She understood where I was at and never scolded me or told me what I was afraid of was wrong or made me feel bad about being afraid. She just always encouraged me to trust my body and that when I needed the strength the most it would come and they would be there for me. The first time I met Heather I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. I had no idea that this part of my life would be so precious and exhausting and beautiful to watch and they shared in my joys and encouraged me through my lows. And even though nothing went according to plan and my son decided to come early, Heather was right there by my side all day and late into the night and Carrie was there in sprit. When I was mourning the loss of my special home birth I was hoping to experience and felt out of control and overwhelmed, Heather was there to help me focus on my one job of bringing my son into the world and letting the rest of it fall away. She kept me calm and centered and made me feel at peace in the midst of an environment I was not comfortable in and took care of me and my husband. And when my son arrived, she was there to hold my hand and share in our shock of new parenthood and continued to encourage us. Even as we transitioned into our new roles, rocky and uncertain about every little thing, they took care of us. They came to our home to check in on us. They cared for me and our son with ceaseless energy and made me feel like their number one priority in the midst of their other moms and busy lives and families. The love they pour into their work, the endless amount of time and sacrifice is humbling. They are incredible women and helped me bloom into the mother I am today. I'm no longer afraid. I found the joys in the hardship and the beauty in the struggles and the purity of that special time in my life. I would have never found that with anyone else. They changed my life, my husbands life and have loved my son since the moment they heard his first heart beat. I am beyond grateful for such an amazing gift and will cherish them for all they have done for us. Thank you so much from the bottom of my overflowing heart.”
Erica Carrara

“My sister chose to go to Fern Creek for her 2nd child also a VBAC birth. I was with her the entire birth these women who helped deliver her daughter were absolutely amazing. It was such a calm relaxing environment. My sister still tells me it is one of the best birthing decisions she has ever made. I know I am speaking for my sister as well as for myself when I say Fern Creek deserves 10 out of 5 stars.”
Jaclyn Hunt

“Love the care and support that Carrie and Heather have given my daughter and her family during her last 3 pregnancies. They are wonderful ladies @ Fern Creek Midwives. Thank you ladies!”
Carol Jones

 I couldn't have asked for a better experience with pregnancy and the birth of my first son. Heather and Carrie were so kind and knowledgeable that I knew with confidence I was getting the best, personalized care possible. They were amazing birth coaches - helping me listen to my body and stay calm. I will return to them for future children and would recommend them to anyone.”
Naomi Eggers

 “Fern Creek Midwives are amazing. After a traumatic hospital experience ending in a cesarean with our first child, we knew we wanted to try an alternative route with our second. Our VBAC baby was born at the Fern Creek Birth Haus in January and it was incredible. I'm still amazed at the difference in care I received with FCM versus the hospital four years prior. Throughout the entire process we felt supported and important; prenatal visits felt like chatting with an old friend, and the home visits after birth were so nice/helpful. I cannot recommend Fern Creek Midwives enough.”
Sarah Johnson

 “Since I got married and decided together with my husband to have a baby I always knew that I wanted a natural birth with midwives, when I got pregnant now the task was to find the midwives! When I reached week six of my pregnancy the world just decided to punch me in the gut with the most unbearable “morning” sickness that wasn’t so morning but more like the whole day, the whole week the whole month sickness. I visited with midwives and I had an appointment with the Fern Creek midwives, that unfortunately I had to cancel because I was so sick I couldn’t even get up from bed and that is when my wonderful journey began, I called to cancel my appointment instead I was listened to, cared for, they gave me advice on how to hydrate and what to maybe try to eat, do, etc. They treated me like a woman in desperate need of someone reassuring her that this was ok, it was my first pregnancy and I had no idea what to expect or do, they spend time with a woman in the phone that they didn’t even know and I was yet a “client” but that is what I love about the FCM, they treated me as a woman not just another prego client, I knew after that phone call these women were going to be my midwives and after I met them it was 100% confirmed. Their personal, kind care, their goofiness, their encouragement was such a vital part of my pregnancy. They have seen it and done it hundreds of times but they still get excited about another baby, another heartbeat, another birth. My delivery was amazing and peaceful, I totally tear up when I think about it, the moments I was weeping in pain their touch and words would give the strength to continue they believed in me therefore I believed in me. I would forever be grateful for that wonderful experience of my journey to become a mother.”
Carla Boyd

 “There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted Heather and Carrie as our midwives before we even had a consult with them. The feeling I got every time I stepped into their office was one of warmth, love, and comfort. They are naturally passionate midwives, who nurture you and your family throughout your pregnancy and beyond. They stick by your side, and guide and support you through the unexpected. Our community is lucky to have them, these women are a Godsend!”
Holly Storm

 “Instead of busy doctor office prenatal care, it felt more like tea with friends. I was relaxed and still getting exceptional prenatal care in a comfortable environment. When my blood pressure started rising, they did all the right things, even made house calls, and eventually referred me to an MD once my care became a bit too medical. My "plan" for home birth was set aside, but the midwives were still there, even at my resultant C section, taking care of me and my new family!
I love Fern Creek and would (and DO) recommend them to anyone!”
Shana O’Brien

 “My son was blessed to be the first babe born at Fern Creek's original Birth Haus. I don't know that the words exist to fully articulate the phenomenal birth experience that I had with their care. I had initially planned for a birth center experience for my first child, but when my insurance would not cover my plans, Carrie stepped in to save the big day. The Birth Haus was such an inviting, comfortable, and calm place for every step of my son's Earthside journey - prenatals, birth, and follow-up. Carrie, Heather, and Alice were amazing to work with and beyond knowledgeable in their chosen passions. When I arrived for my initial consultation, I came prepared with 3 pages of typed out questions regarding midwifery care and general birth-related questions. Every single question was addressed with care and a detailed response that made the choice incredibly easy for me. I had several blood tests come back with unexpected results - Carrie was able to help me understand why that was happening and what precautions we would need to take in regards to that (interestingly enough I found out I was considered as having a weak D antigen, which can produce a negative blood type result, despite that you are positive). When the day finally arrived, Carrie and Heather prepared the Birth Haus for the water birth I had planned, using an inflatable birthing tub (so comfortable!) and provided excellent care as I birthed my son and his father caught him. They were even gracious enough to reach out to my birth photographer when I was in the midst of labor and ready to skip that step (so very, very thankful that I have those memories in print to treasure! Thank you to Captured by Cortney Birth Photography as well!). The entire experience was truly extraordinary and there was an amazing and unanticipated calm throughout. My son was born in the caul - what I feel is a testament to just how calm, gentle, and amazingly positive my son's entry into the world was! Between one to two hours after birth, I was on my way with my sweet little one, all in perfect health. Fern Creek Midwives are absolutely amazing - I wouldn't change a single thing about my entire prenatal, birth, and post partum care experienced with them. Thank you Carrie & Heather”
Hannah Williams

 “Carrie and Heather are amazing!!! I had an awesome experience with both of them. They helped me feel safe and supported having my first baby, as well as it being an out of hospital birth, and I attribute that to their vast amount of knowledge and rocking personalities. :) On top of all this, my child was placed with an awesome family that is also connected with Fern Creek and both of them were extremely....well just cool with everything. They took such special and good care of me and the little guy and to have the family he was placed with also being a Fern Creek family (and close friends :)) helps me feel even better about my decision. And I couldn't have gotten to that point without the two of them. THANK YOU LOVELY LADIES!!”
Julianna Larson

 “These ladies oh man! We travels from western ND to get the birth that I wanted and I got more than I wanted going with these fun loving caring women! They worked with us between appointments and crazy travel plans to make it to them answered my middle of the night questions ASAP reassuring me everything was going the way it was suppose to! When the time came to give birth to my iris they were beyond amazing ,as fast as my birth went they were calm, cool, collected! Making me feel like we've been friends for a life time and this was nothing new my birth was perfect they def made me feel 1000 times more confident in myself and made me feel like this was beyond the right choice for our first baby! So weather this is your 1st or 10th babe these ladies are the way to go, I am forever thankful for these ladies and they'll remain in my heart forever and during my next births if I'm not able to have them there there always in my mind guiding me with there kind words!! Thank you Fern Creek”
Abigail Lawrence

 “I would recommend Carrie and Heather to anyone looking for amazing and personable midwives. Heather was on maternity leave when I had my baby so I worked with Carrie and I LOVE her!! I can't say enough amazing things about her. I transferred to Fern Creek about 35 weeks because that's when I finally decided to have a home birth. I had my baby at 36w6d and I felt soooooo comfortable with Carrie from the moment we sat down for our 'introduction interview'. She was always so supportive. Especially with my struggles with breast feeding and our ultimate decision to formula feed.
I was able to meet Heather a few weeks having my baby and she is super sweet as well and I felt like I was able to connect with her very quickly as well.
Like I said, I can't say enough good things about them!! I love them so much!!”
Megan Stoker

 “Carrie and Heather are simply amazing! I was looking for the perfect out-of-hospital birth with my fourth child and they exceeded my expectations in every way possible. They are professional, thorough, down-to-earth, they work amazing together, and give you the space to let your decisions and voice be heard. It is your birth and they encourage that in so many ways. I have never been so well taken care of and tended to during my pregnancy and labor. They make you feel beautiful and important, and are so much fun to be around. You will be so blessed by choosing them as your caregivers. They also work with an amazing village of people around them in case the need arises for extra or specialized care and provide the support if you need to go in a different direction. They are simply incredible! Thank you for being you.”
Caiti Danielson

 “If you are looking for rock star midwives, these are the ones to seek out. Professional, knowledgable and they will do an amazing job with your care. They are not afraid to refer you to alternative support if your case is too high risk for them, but will still provide emotional support or refer you to someone who can. The Flathead Valley is really a more amazing place because of these wonderful care providers. They are amazing all the way around.”
Martha Artyomenko, Birth Doula

"We are so incredibly thankful for these two lovely ladies who have walked beside us through the  pregnancies and births of our two boys. I think the memories that stand out to me the most from our prenatal appointments is all the laughter that happened in the office. Normally medically related appts make me nervous, but I always looked forward to seeing Heather and Carrie. They are very thorough in their care and I always received answers to all of my questions. When I was way overdue with my first son, they followed protocol, but they also let my sweet baby boy come when he was ready. When I was way overdue with my second sweet baby boy, they helped to encourage this very discouraged mama to wait patiently for him to come when he was ready too! They were right there beside me during both labors working to help me relax and encouraging my husband as he was learning how to help me as well. When I hit my wall of "I can't do this anymore!" They looked me in the eye and told me that I could do it and the next thing I knew I was holding my little son. Both pregnancies and both labors were very different, but these two ladies were encouraging and knowledgable and a great help for both. So thankful to call them my friends as well as my midwives."
Jessie of Kalispell

"The ladies at Fern Creek changed my outlook on not only birth but life, the journey I experienced with them was once in a lifetime. I could honestly not have asked for a more perfect birth and experience, and ladies to guid me through the process and remind me of the strength I had within. I had many ups and downs through my pregnancy, and Carrie and Heather were there whenever I needed them day or night to talk me through and reassure me everything was ok. I was taught and shown the strength it takes to endure birthing without fear and these ladies showed me the way and opened the door to the strength I had within and made me believe I could do anything I set my mind to. If anyone ever has questions or concerns or is expecting and having ideas of doing it the all natural way, I send them to these ladies because everyone deserves the experience I had with them. Thank you ladies so much for guiding me through that process and making it such an amazing and memorable time." Nicole Wagar of Marion

"The care I received from the lovely Fern Creek Midwives was just what I was looking for in my home  birth experience.  They provide professional, confident care with a beautiful personal touch.  I will never forget the tears that welled up in Heather's eyes the first time she listened to my unborn baby's heart beat!  These ladies know their stuff and they love what they do.  Each of them contributed uniquely to the care I  received, adding up to the perfect birthing experience.  Thank you Fern Creek Midwives, you are wonderful!"  Shannon Baumbach of Whitefish

Picture courtesy of Captured By Cortney Birth Photography

Picture courtesy of Captured By Cortney Birth Photography

"I feel that words cannot express our gratitude towards these amazing women for the part they played in my pregnancy and birth of our second son. We had been researching home births since we had our first son, so as soon as we found out I was pregnant again I called to meet with the lovely ladies at Fern Creek. Within minutes of walking in the door I knew that they were a perfect fit for our family. They had huge shoes to fill, as we loved the midwives we used for our son's hospital birth, but really wanted to have a home birth this time around. They met and exceeded our expectations on every level and we couldn't have been happier with our experience. The care they provide is incredibly well-rounded, combining the necessary medical care and advice with the emotional support needed to build a trusting relationship. I felt that they genuinely cared not only for my physical health, but for my mental and emotional well-being as well. I looked forward to meeting with them and truly miss seeing them every month! They made sure my husband (and our 2 year old!) felt included during visits and he felt that his input was valued in our conversations. With the encouragement of Carrie and Heather, he was able to experience a completely different side of pregnancy and childbirth than most men. I have heard a lot of other dad's describe feeling "helpless" while watching their significant other deliver, but they helped him find ways of making me more comfortable and supporting me. During labor I felt empowered, safe and relaxed with them there to guide my husband and I. I feel that they really listen and take time to get to know their clients on a personal level which allows them to connect with the woman's needs during labor. It was such an incredibly warm, intimate, beautiful experience and I am so grateful to Carrie and Heather for the part they played in bringing our new baby boy into this world."  Jessica Peltier of Whitefish

"Having the opportunity to have a home birth, but a home birth that exceeded all my expectations is to be duly noted.  Seeing that this was to be our first experience bringing life into this world, my wife and I felt assured that the integrity of Carrie and Heather at Fern Creek was by far the right choice for us.  Thoughts were answered, concerns were put to rest and all of our hopes were assured as we went through the pregnancy.   The Fern Creekers had the chance to win our hearts before our minds and make us a stronger couple through the process. When birth day arrived my wife and I were able to go through this amazing experience with a certainty that our best interests were being looked after.  My wife and I went through an amazing experience and during the entire experience had friendly and knowledgeable hearts to guide us.  Proud to say these Fern Creekers are my new Fav Peeps for watching and guiding us as we grow our family in our way!"  Dr. C. Claude Basler of Kalispell

"When my wife first told me that she wanted a home birth I was skeptical. I had the mind set that the safest and best place to have a baby was in a hospital. She had done her homework though and had so much faith in her midwives that helped set my mind at ease. It ended up being one the most wonderful things we have experienced. It was nice being so involved, I was never pushed aside. They created such a comfortable environment in their office and in our home. My wife got the right advise for every concern during her pregnancy and during labor they provided so much help to ease and calm her. Seeing how well Fern Creek treated my wife, how supportive they were helped ease my nerves when the time came to have Daisy. I am so thankful for them and how well they helped my wife have the experience she needed."  Nick Himsl of Kalispell

"I had never experienced a home birth before.  It was so beautiful seeing my daughter being coached so calmly through every step.  Even when it got to the point where she might have felt like losing it, the midwives were remarkable in their ability to soothingly guide her in her low tones and open mouth noises.  It was the most calm and beautiful experience I've ever had.  Fern Creek midwives really know how to do things right - and my daughter - she gets a lot of credit for following their direction.  It was truly beautiful!"  Laurel Ewing, on the birth of her granddaughter.

"In early August of 2013 we found out that we were expecting an unexpected addition to our family. I knew I needed things to be different this time, I love my kids but their birth stories made me sad. After weeks of back and forth, research, and discussion I finally made the decision to follow my instinct. I followed the directions of my thoughts and dreams and switched care providers to Fern Creek Midwives. I was already half way through my pregnancy but the moment I had my first appointment I felt at home. Every visit was comforting and I was never left feeling like I was making a bad choice. I was free to talk, ask questions and express emotions openly without the worry I was being over emotional (even when I was). I wanted things different and that's what happened. For the first time I carried a pregnancy to my due date and my water broke on it's own. When I knew it was time to "rally the troops" I felt safe with Carrie and Heather as my guides. I never felt like I needed to rush and all of their suggestions were the most helpful and beneficial things for me. I didn't experience the bright craziness of a hospital birth, it was a calm and gentle time. At 5:02am on 05/02 (one month ago) I did the most empowering, emotional, beautiful thing I have done. In my home Daisy came earth-side happy and healthy and so so calmly. I showered in my own bathroom and then cuddled my new baby in my own bed and finally felt peace after labor. I never was poked and prodded endlessly and my baby was with me from the moment she was born. When Alice came to check on us I was still on cloud nine and loved finally sharing my joy with her as well. I have felt so cared for with these three ladies and I don't think I could ever thank them enough. Intuition has truly paid off and I couldn't be happier with my decision of care, the beautiful women who walked me through, and my time with my family. We are complete now."  Sandy Himsl of Kalispell

"I recommend these ladies at Fern Creek Midwives.  The love and care is undeniably true.  I'm coming from the experience of every birth process, from a scary C-section to hospital VBAC of over eleven hours of labor to roughly... a three hour home birth VBAC with the women of Fern Creek.  These midwives are the way to go.  No contest."  Kate Riggles of Eureka

"6 years ago I had these incredible doulas who helped me have the birth I envisioned. Calm and completely natural. I honestly don't think I could have done it without them. So 5 years later when I found out I was having another baby it was no question who I wanted to be at my birth. At this point though my doulas were now midwives and they were only doing homebirths. Let me just say I tried with my first child 12 years ago to have a homebirth and ended up at the hospital, so needless to say I was worried that I indeed would have to go to the hospital. They were so confident in me that I could do it and that it was going to be different. I have them to thank for having a homebirth finally. It was so nice to just be home and waited on and taken care of. No matter how many times I thought I was in labor they came and checked. So when the time actually came I felt so bad calling them at 2:30am because what if I wasn't? They were here at my house by 3:00am and sure enough it was the real deal. It was the most amazing experience . My daughter was there for it all, and my boys went to bed with mom being pregnant and woke to a beautiful baby sister. It wasn't all easy, but I knew I was in good hands. So when my baby girl's head came out and her hands were up by her neck with the umbilical cord wrapped around twice, without hesitation they did what they needed to, to free her. I wouldn't of had it any other way and if I for some odd reason was to be pregnant again Fern Creek Midwives would be my first call. They believed in me, that I could have the homebirth I've always wanted and for that I can't thank them enough. Love you ladies to the moon. :)"  April Russell of Kalispell

"Fern Creek Midwifery provides excellent prenatal care in a comfortable and peaceful environment. The ladies are so inviting and accommodating, and always reliable. With three midwives available, there is always someone who is able to answer your questions, address your concerns, and most importantly, attend your birth!
I had a very peaceful water birth in their beautiful office in February of 2013. Heather and Carrie attended and were more wonderful than I could have ever anticipated. Due to my little boy being in the posterior position, I experienced back labor that was quite intense. They assisted by use of counter-pressure and water papules (which unfortunately did not have the pain relief I had hoped for, but that is not uncommon [generally helps with 3 out of 4 women experiencing back labor]). They also guided me through my labor with suggestions of when to try the birthing ball, when to try laboring in the warm and comfortable birth tub, and when to try walking around. I felt completely safe, comfortable, and peaceful with Fern Creek attending my birth. They were as hands off as could be, checking dilation only when I requested, and allowing my baby's father to 'catch' him as he was born (in the caul no less!).
Birthing plans do not always go as we would like them to, but thanks to knowledge and passion of the ladies with Fern Creek Midwives, as well as a wonderful boyfriend/coach, the birth of my son exceeded my every expectation. If you are pregnant and looking for care, schedule a consult/meet and greet -- you will not regret it for a second!
Thank you Fern Creek Midwives!!! When our son is ready for a sibling, I know exactly who I want to provide our care again (and again!) :)"  Hannah Williams of Lakeside

Kieran is our youngest client.  He loves Fern Creek, and here is what he had to say about us:


He was a big help during clean up!


"I dreamed of having an all natural home birth.  I never thought something like this would be in my future.  However, 3 days shy of 40 weeks pregnant I decided to pack my bags and switch to Fern Creek.  I didn't know the ladies here at all when I switched and by the time I delivered (41 weeks and 6 days) I felt like I had known them my whole life!  These ladies go over and beyond health care!  They welcomed me into their office with open arms and not afraid to take on a patient this late in their pregnancy, they simply told me "Every woman deserves a choice"!  These ladies are the TRUE meaning of MIDWIVES!  I couldn't be happier with my decision.  These woman are smart, on top of their game, HIGHLY educated and have the most AMAZING bedside manor!  I can't rave enough about the experience I had with these wonderful ladies!  My husband and I would never have this any other way, we can't repay these women enough for what they have done for my family!  I had a safe labor, a safe delivery, a healthy baby boy, a happy family, and the birth of my dreams and it would not have ever happened if it was not for the women at Fern Creek Midwives!  Thank you will never feel like enough." Aundrea Kehoe of Kalispell

"These ladies are absolutely amazing!!!!!! If anyone is having a child I would say with 200% certainty these ladies are the only ones you should speak with. They showed unsurpassed kindness and dedication to my wife's labor all with a great sense of humor and even though we came to them later on in our pregnancy, the experience that they provided for my wife and I in our last son's birth was magnificent and inspiring, these ladies truly embody what midwifery is. With astounding calm, understanding, knowledge, a refreshingly thorough and proactive hands on approach, these ladies helped give my wife and I an unparalleled experience that was beyond our expectations that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you ladies for everything that you have done for my family and I, I greatly appreciate and highly respect you ladies."  Luke Kehoe of Kalispell

"Third day in a row I've looked at my calendar to see how much closer my appt. is at Fern Creek... with Carrie & Heather! I think I want one once a week, just cuz they make me feel so special n loved... aaaaand cuz the baby's lil'heart beat is pretty rad to listen to. Thank you ladies. I really think the world of you and can't wait for you to deliver this wonderful gift from God. Blessed to have good people in my life." Kate Riggles


"Where to start.... My experience with Fern Creek Midwives was amazing! Everything about it from the prenatal appointments to the birth to the postpartum care was absolutely amazing and everything I could ask for. They are loving, caring, friendly, warmhearted women! You gain more then just care providers, you gain new friends. When its over you find yourself wishing there were more appointments to come just so you can see them. They listen to your wants, needs and concerns. They come to your home after birth to check on you and baby so you don't have to worry about packing up baby to go to their office. Their office always smells wonderful and it is a cozy and warm environment. They have a lovely little library full of information about birth options, baby care, vaccinations, and more that you can check out. They also offer free pregnancy tests and welcome you to come back after your last appointment for baby weight checks if you like! I highly recommend Fern Creek Midwives to all my friends and people I barely know! They are truly amazing and loving women!"  Cortney Fraleigh, Read Cortney's full birth story here.


"The energy of them together as midwives is a perfect blend.  We loved working them.  If we have more children we definitely know who will be our midwives.  Thank you Carrie and Heather for helping us bring Miss Chloe Esther in to our family."  Seth, LaChrisha, Daniel, Enos, Joshua, Keziah, Rebekah, Samuel, Tabitha, and Chloe Sandlin

"I can say nothing but great things about the women at Fern Creek Midwives. I consider them friends and would be thrilled to have them with me while birthing. 
Thank You for supporting our birthing choices and caring for our family with such compassion. You will forever be in our hearts and part of the family."  Crystal, Dan, Ezra, Jubal, and Gideon Clark.

"Heather’s kindness, support and wisdom were a great addition to our birth experience and childbearing year. She was one of our midwives during the birth of our first son, Brer Lumen.  In her presence, I always felt comfortable, supported and cared for. During the birth process, I recall specifically thinking “she knows exactly what I need”… fanning me when I was too hot, offering me water when I was thirsty, whispering words of encouragement when I was weak and gently cleaning me up after the birth. She intuitively knew how to care for a laboring woman and family, and yet allowed the experience to completely be our own. Heather is amazing!"  -Angela Joy Boyce LMT NTS Birth Doula & Mother


"Carrie attended the birth of our beautiful daughter, Lyla Grace. I felt a connection with Carrie the first time I met her which is when I was pregnant with our first daughter, Emaline. I knew I would be having a C-section for breech presentation, but Carrie still managed to make my husband and me feel empowered as soon-to-be parents. She helped us understand that even in a hospital setting, we were "in charge." Thanks in part to what we learned from her, our hospital experience (although not what we had planned in our perfect birth dream) was wonderful. 21 months later, I sat in the birthing tub hoping that Carrie would make it in time for baby #2! She did.....with plenty of time to spare! Lyla's VBAC birth was truly my "perfect birth dream" come true! After we spent unforgettable bonding time with our brand new little love, Carrie lovingly measured, weighed, and examined Lyla. The way she interacted gave me an insight into the soul of Carrie. When Lyla would squirm or fuss like she was scared or uncomfortable, Carrie would stop what she was doing and hold her arms, or talk to her, or pick her up so that Lyla felt safe and comfortable again. There was no rush, and yet there was efficiency and accuracy and care to detail. "Catching babies" is not just a job for Carrie. I know it is a calling, and a passion. It is hard to even explain in words how special Carrie's care of our baby was to my husband and me. Carrie is the perfect blend of personal and professional, and I confidently recommend her services to anyone looking for midwife care."  Melanie Musson of Bozeman


"As a 1st time mother, I was a little nervous about the birth of my baby girl. No amount of preparation can get you 100% ready for the actual event. When my water broke at 10:30 pm on 7-18-12, I called the Bozeman Birth Center where Carrie Corbett and Alice Bennetts were helping out. When my husband and I got to the birth center, they were so sweet and got us set up in our room. Once I starting actually having contractions and going into labor the experience was surreal. Carrie was so peaceful the entire time and Alice was cracking jokes with my husband. I had horrid back labor and kept thinking about wimping out and going to the hospital for an epidural. Carrie and Alice (and my husband) were so encouraging and supportive. The entire time I felt such excitement and calmness all at the same time, it's hard to explain. My regular midwife got there about 2 hours before my daughter was born. Between the 3 of them and my husband, I could not have asked for a better birthing team. My daughter was born at 10:54 am on 7-19-12, 100% healthy and with the love and support of 3 amazing women and her dad. I am so thankful I got to meet these amazing women and experience natural childbirth. Thank you ladies!!!"  Launi Stocks of Livingston

"I knew right away that I wanted to use a midwife for my birth. I wanted to be able to have a connection with my care providers and an intimate, natural experience. I had no idea how lucky I would become. Carrie and Alice were there from the beginning, and never left my side during my attempt at natural child birth. Even when complications arose and I had to be taken to the hospital, they were always there, making sure I was comfortable and able to adapt to an environment I was not prepared for. Although my experience was not my plan from the beginning, I couldn't have asked for more confident and wonderful women to guide me through my birth."  Annette North

 "I met Carrie when we were kids. We were best friends, and I always knew she was destined for great things. She was always a driven and caring person. 
I was so excited to hear that she was going to be a midwife. We joked maybe I’d have another baby that she could deliver. And what do ya know, it happened! 
When we made the decision to do a homebirth with a midwife, it was a no brainer. Carrie all the way! She has a natural ability to make you feel comfortable and confident that your body can do this. That you were made to deliver your baby naturally, without unnecessary intervention, without someone else’s time schedule… Just you and your baby! 
The relationship you create with your midwife is priceless. I looked forward to being in charge of my birth. To try positions that felt comfortable to me, to be able to eat if I wanted, to listen to music, have my family and children present, just enjoy my labor and the miracle that was happening. But most of all; the empowerment I felt. Carrie helped me succeed in delivering my baby girl at home….no inductions! I was convinced my body didn’t know how to go into labor on its own. I dilated and stopped for what seemed like weeks. I delivered my other two daughters by induction with the help of pitocin. But to actually do it on my own felt amazing!!! Thanks Care! 

Also, the support and comfort I felt couldn’t be matched by a doctor. I felt like I was her only client. She knew just when to give me words of encouragement and when to just sit peacefully with me. I had nothing to worry about, just the task at hand. I can’t thank Carrie enough for the professionalism, knowledge and love she showed during my pregnancy and delivery. 
Carrie thanks for helping me bring Maddison into this world my way!"  Tiffany Opheim

"There's a lot of opinions on prenatal care out there, but I have to say how awesome my midwives are.  I feel like I am going in for a chat, and get a full check up without it feeling medical.  And, it turns out they make house calls, (in 2013!)  I didn't know this was part of my care until I needed it yesterday.  And when things might be questionable, we go to the hospital. It's the best of both worlds.  Thanks to the fab ladies at Fern Creek Midwives, especially to Heather for braving my road, twice, and staying with me all day." Shana O'Brien