Care with Fern Creek Midwives Includes:

  • A no-charge consultation to see if we can work together to offer you the care you desire for your growing family.

  • A second (initial) visit which includes a full physical exam, desired prenatal lab work, and an in-depth review of your medical history.

  • Prenatal checkups in our office every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, every 2 weeks from 28-36 weeks, and weekly from 36 weeks until birth. For homebirth clients this includes a home visit at 36-37 weeks. Each visit lasts about an hour, during which time we perform the physical components of the prenatal exam, as well as answer questions, discuss nutrition, and help you navigate the many choices of your care.

  • Attendance at your labor and birth. We offer home birth, and births at Fern Creek Birth Room.

  • Two postpartum visits in your home at around 24 hours after birth, and day 3-5; and 2-3 office visits at day 7-10, and weeks 4 and 6. Your final postpartum visit includes a complete well woman exam and family planning counseling.

  • 24-hour availability by telephone.

  • Newborn bloodspot screening (formerly PKU test), newborn hearing screening, and newborn screening for CCHD (Critical Congenital Heart Defect)

  • Waterbirth- we have 5 mobile tubs available.

 Two qualified providers will attend your birth- most often this means two midwives, however, you may also have the opportunity to work with one of our lovely assistants.  All equipment and supplies needed for your birth will be brought to your home, or are available at The Birth Loft.  These include; herbs and prescription drugs to control hemorrhage, oxygen for mother and baby, suturing supplies, and an electronic Doppler for monitoring the fetal heart rate during labor.  We also carry vitamin K and erythromycin eye ointment for baby. 

We are happy to bill your insurance company for our services.  We currently work with Sacred Transitions Billing; they are available to provide you with a verification of benefits.  We accept cash, checks, and credit/debit cards.  In some cases, we are willing to barter for services. 

We welcome clients who are seeking a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC); provided there are at least 18 months between cesarean and next delivery, and with documentation of a low transverse uterine incision.  Women seeking VBAC make up about 18% of our clients.

Midwifery services available in the Flathead Valley and surrounding areas:   
Kalispell  *  Whitefish  *   Bigfork  *  Columbia Falls  *  Polson  *  Eureka*  Hot Springs  *   Lakeside  *  Hungry Horse  *  Coram  *  West Glacier  *  Plains  *  Kila  *  Avon  *  Seeley Lake  *  Ovando  *  Helmville  *  Swan Lake